South African Road trip – Storms River and Wilderness

Place:  Storms River  Accomodation: Tube n Axe Lodge Backpackers  Time Spent:  1 night

Storms River is a small little town allows access to the famous Tsitsikama National Park and is from where you can sign up for many activities such as canyoning, blackwater tubing, tree top ziplining,  hiking and the infamous Bloukrans bungy (the highest bungy jump in the world).

After doing a bit of research on the different activities in regards to which ones were accessible I chose to do a Kayak/ Lilo trip which starts at the storm river mouth and takes you up river, you then hop out of your kayak and float further up river on a lilo. There was a ramp to go down into the boat, but because of the low tide we had to take off from the beach which I had to get help with. But once I got into the kyak the paddling was pretty easy and the trip itself is not very long. Transferring onto the lilo in the water was a bit difficult but once on, it was so beautiful just to lie back and take into the beautiful nature all around. All in all it was a nice way to take in national park without any hiking/ walking etc.

I did ask about a couple of other activities. The black water tubing involved quite a bit of walking as the river was quite dry at that time of year. I even inquired about the bungy jump.   They have had paraplegics before and its been absolutely fine. My only concern was that they strap you by your foot so that when you jump all the force goes through your back which for me would do more damage to my back. I asked whether they could strap me in a harness (which i have done before from a canyon swing), however they said they used to but do not do this anymore.

I have done the tree top ziplining before, and the staff were very helpful. They even took a plastic chair so that I could sit down every time I got to the next tree.

In terms of accomodation, accessibility was ok. The bathrooms were a bit squishy but were ok for 1 night. The main problem is that the driveway has really deep gravel which makes it almost impossible to get over with a wheelchair – you really have to be good at wheelstands.



Place: Plettenburg bay and Wilderness Accomodation: Moontide Guesthouse Time spent: 1 night

Back on the Baz Bus to go to go to Plettenburg Bay. Plenttenburg Bay (affectionately known as Plett) is a seaside resort town. Many a student goes to Plett to celebrate after the end of school and so subsequently it has a good night life.

I got off the bus and realised that my accommodation was in no way accessible, even though I had checked previously.  It was at this point that after 2.5months of travelling by myself, I gave up and called my parents.

Now sitting  in a comfortable air conditioned car rather than stuffed in a hot bus with 20 other people I continued my trip down the beautiful South African coast line, past the coastal town of Kynsa settling in the town of Wilderness for the night. The major advantage of now travelling with my parents was that I no longer had to stay in hostels as they preferred to stay at amazing guest houses. The guest house we stayed at was fairly accessible around the bungalow and breakfast area. However it was a bit difficult getting down to the canoes that were on the river. But once in the canoes they were easy enough to paddle up and down the river.



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