Leipzig/ Dresden

I ended up staying in Lepzig and then doing a day trip to Dresden (an hour each way on the train). Leipzig is another medieval town famous for its classical music. Where Dresden is famous for its rise from the ashes (literally) after WWII.

Accommodation: Again I stayed in a hotel due to lack of available hostels and ended up staying at the Ibis Budget which was cheap and wheelchair accessible and also allowed dogs!

Transport: Both Leipzig and Dresden are relatively small so require no public transport to get around. I used trains to get between the two and access and and off the trains are ok but has to be organised 48 hours in advance which can be a bit annoying.

Overall accessibility: Both are pretty easy to get around and are quite flat. However both towns do have alot of cobblestones which can be tricky.

Day 1: A a day in Dresden and a Night in Leipzig

I arrived the night before in Lepzig and spent a small amount of time pushing/ walking aimlessly around. After my normal breakfast of Pretzel and cheese I got on a train to Dresden. I had organised access onto and off the train through The Deutsch Bahn website. This has to be done 48 hours in advance and requires a very long set of questions about how much your chair weighs, how much baggage you have etc etc. blah blah blah. This also means you have to know what train and what time you want to catch the train 2 days in advanc

On my way back from Dresden I wanted to catch an earlier train so I just went to the information desk an hour in advance and this worked out fine.

Anyway Dresden was amazing. Dresden was famous for its beautiful Baroque architecture and was almost all completely destroyed during World War II. When I went to Dresden when I was 13 in 1999 (yes I am old) all I remember is so many building cranes, construction sites etc. Most of the buildings were finished
in 2004 and it is so hard to believe that even though they look about 1000 years old they were only built 13 years ago!!!

It’s worth spending at least half a day wandering around the old town and just marvelling in the beautiful buildings and the fact that a city can pretty much rise from the ashes. The important buildings to see are the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and the Albertinum. I saw most of these buildings from the outside as that is the most beautiful part and because inside most of them were museum collections with entry fees.

On the other side of the river is the new town (which is a contradiction because theoretically its older than the old town). There is a section near the train station the is known for being ‘alternative’ and is where the hostels and student accommodation is. Again worth the meander

After getting the train back to Leipzig I spent the evening again wandering around. Leipzig is famous for it’s classical music and you can hear it flow out of most of the buildings as you walk around.

Day 2: Morning in Leipzig and onto Berlin.

I spent the morning again walking around Leipzig. There was a great little farmers market where I bought fruit, cake etc – this is one of the things I love about Germany. I then walked past the church that Bach was a member and leader of the choir.

I then picked up my pack and it was another for another train ride is time to Berlin. Which will be covered in the next blog post……

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