Lake Bled – Slovenia

I knew nothing about the country Slovenia before I went , I hadn’t even heard that much about it but decided to go anywhere. I was not disappointed. Slovenia was amazingly beautiful and such a great surprise. My first stop in Slovenia was the picturesque Lake Bled.

Accomodation: There are no accessible hostels in Lake Bled, they all have a couple of steps and all were a bit late in getting back to me so I ended up staying at an equally inaccessible Air BnB up on the hill. The hosts were lovely but is was a bit out of town. There are quite a few hotels down near the lake which have lift access so they would be a better option.

Transport: Lake Bled is pretty tiny so  no need for public transport especially if you stay close to the lake (and not up on the hill like me). There are accessible taxis that can take you  from the train station into town

Overall Accessibility: Lake Bled (the lake and main town)  is situated at the bottom of a hill but once you get down to bottom is fairly flat. There is path that goes all around the lake, that has no stairs. Unfortunately it is made out of finely pressed gravel and isn’t tarred. So while your chair wont get stuck in it, if its wet the gravel gets stuck to your hands and if it’s been raining it can get soft in spots. There is one steep hill that I did need a hand up.

DAY 1 – Rainy day and recovery

After a terrible overnight train and bus ride to Lake Bled, Slovenia I arrived in the pouring rain at 5am. With no taxis running until 7am I had to sit on the train station bench in the freezing cold – not the best moment of the trip

I then went to my Air BnB and met my host who was lovely. As it was pouring with rain and I hadn’t had much sleep I spent the rest of the day sleeping. In the evening after the rain had died down and I ended up venturing down  to the Lake for dinner. Lake Bled is as the name suggests is  a Lake surrounded by cute shops and restaurants. It really is beautiful.

In the evening I had cake and tea with my Air BnB host and one other guests. After a lot of very broken English I learned that they thought I was in town because the infamous healer that comes to Bled was currently running a clinic and because I was in a wheelchair …..obviously. I was so confused because I had never heard about  this mysterious healer who can apparently cure cancer, aids, paraplegia and everything in between. I tried to explain to them that I was in Lake Bled because I heard it was beautiful and the fact that there is a healer in town and that I’m in a wheelchair was a coincidence.

DAY 2- The healer and around Lake Bled.

The first thing I decided to do was go and learn more about this healer because I was very intrigued. The healer’s name is Zdenko Domancic and he practices Bio Therapy healing which uses energy (both the energies from our bodies and the universe) to heal people. He runs training courses in Lake Bled every couple of months and people come from around the world. Some people  have been coming for years and years (like the couple of I was staying with in my Air BnB) and they say it really works.

Anyway so I went into the hotel where the workshop was being held and peeped my head in. There were a lot of people standing in the middle of the room in pairs placing their hands on each other on certain pressure points. There were other people around the permiter in chairs some in wheelchairs, some with walking sticks etc. It was very intriguing. Anyway I couldn’t go in all the way in but the lady at reception asked if I wanted to put my name on a waiting list (which was about a year long!!!). I kindly declined and set off to explore Lake Bled.

Lake Bled is something out of a fairy tale and can only really has to be seen to be believed. In summer apparently its teaming with people swimming and out on the boats. Even though it was winter it was still fairly busy. Most people walk around the whole lake and then catch a traditional gondola to the island in the middle. The walk/push around the whole of the lake took me about 2 hours. There were no steps, however I did have to be helped up one hill by a nice stranger. As mentioned above the path isn’t tarred its a pressed gravel which can make it a bit difficult in parts.It would be extremely easy to do if you were with someone but is doable if you are by yourself.

If you are in a wheelchair I probably wouldn’t bother catching a gondola out to the Island and would rather save your money and admire it from the distance. Firstly the gondolas are a bit tricky to get into (no accessible ones) and the Island is full of steps. On the Island is the Church of Sv Marika Bozja, most people climb the 99 stone steps to the bell tower to ring the bell – which is supposed to bring you good luck.


Back on the main land and after all that pushing around the lake I decided to treat my self to the traditional lake Bled Cream Cake, which is a lot like a vanilla slice and equally as delicious.

And that was it for beautiful Lake Bled, I almost would like to come back in summer when tourists would be swimming in the lake and hiking in the hills and maybe even plan to visit the healer who knows! Now onto the capital of Slovenia ……Ljubljana.

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