Hipster, accessible Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is the most hipster city I’ve ever been too. The city itself is small and easy to get around in a couple of days.

Accomodation:  I stayed at the Celica Art Hostel in the Metelkova district. The hostel is famous for the fact that it used to be a prison and you can actually stay in a prison cell. Each cell has been individually designed by a local artist. Unfortunately the prison is down a very uneven staircase. There is a wheelchair accessible room on ground level with a nice accessible bathroom. Only problem is the bed is a bit difficult to transfer into – however overall a truly remarkable hostel experience.

Transport: The city is relatively small so there is no need to catch public transport. Even where I stayed which was considered ‘out of town’ it only took me 10min to push/walk into the main town (old town). There are some buses that run that do have wheelchair access. The funicular up to the castle is also accessible.

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Lake Bled – Slovenia

I knew nothing about the country Slovenia before I went , I hadn’t even heard that much about it but decided to go anywhere. I was not disappointed. Slovenia was amazingly beautiful and such a great surprise. My first stop in Slovenia was the picturesque Lake Bled.

Accomodation: There are no accessible hostels in Lake Bled, they all have a couple of steps and all were a bit late in getting back to me so I ended up staying at an equally inaccessible Air BnB up on the hill. The hosts were lovely but is was a bit out of town. There are quite a few hotels down near the lake which have lift access so they would be a better option.

Transport: Lake Bled is pretty tiny so  no need for public transport especially if you stay close to the lake (and not up on the hill like me). There are accessible taxis that can take you  from the train station into town

Overall Accessibility: Lake Bled (the lake and main town)  is situated at the bottom of a hill but once you get down to bottom is fairly flat. There is path that goes all around the lake, that has no stairs. Unfortunately it is made out of finely pressed gravel and isn’t tarred. So while your chair wont get stuck in it, if its wet the gravel gets stuck to your hands and if it’s been raining it can get soft in spots. There is one steep hill that I did need a hand up.

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