Accomodation: Again there were not any accessible hostels so I ended up staying at the Campanile Hotel Warsaw which was a little bit out of the way but  it  was cheap and a had a fully accessible room with an accessible bathroom.

Transport: Warsaw is connected by buses and trams, a lot of which are accessible and fitted with ramps.  Here is a quick link to the cities travel without barriers website. I ended up just walking/pushing a lot as I didn’t know which bus/tram would take me where i wanted to go.

Overall Accessibility: Warsaw’s accessibility is ok. Again a lot of the shops/restaurants have a couple of steps to get into. The curb and guttering isn’t great and you have to go out of your way to find an accessible way to cross the street. So in hindsight instead of pushing everywhere I should of attempted to use the buses. There are quite a few cobblestones in the old town however you can usually find a route with less cobblestones.

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Krakow Poland

Accomodation:  There were not alot of accessible hostels in Krakow as most of the buildings are very old. I found one hostel with a lift which was the Goodbye Lenin Hostel. However the only accessible thing about this hostel was the lift. The bathroom was very small and difficult to get around. The reception door was too narrow so I had to sit outside the reception and yell for assistance. The doors to get into the rooms were double doors but only one side opened so a hostel staff member had to get a screwdriver and a hammer to open up the other door so that I could fit through. However this was really the only option as all the other hostels I couldn’t even get into the building

Transport: The old town of Krakow is compact so it’s easy just to wander around. However Krakow does have buses and trams although i’m not sure of their accessibility. There are also horse and carriage rides (too high for me to transfer into) and golf carts which take you around. I did a golf cart tour and it was pretty easy to transfer in and out of. Continue reading “Krakow Poland”