Berlin: vibrant and always changing

Berlin is a city that has to been seen. Berlin has been at the centre of some pretty key historical moments and as a result has transformed and changed throughout time and today is still changing and evolving.

AccommodationI stayed at the Genrator Hostel Berlin-Mitte right in the ultra trendy part of Berlin. The hostel was fully accessible, however there are multiple lifts which can make it a bit confusing. The dorm rooms are quite squishy which means it was hard to find somewhere to put my wheelchair that was  out the way.  The best thing about this hostel was that there was a fully accessible bathroom just down the hall that only I had access to. This meant I didn’t have to use the very small inaccessible bathrooms in the dorm room.

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Leipzig/ Dresden

I ended up staying in Lepzig and then doing a day trip to Dresden (an hour each way on the train). Leipzig is another medieval town famous for its classical music. Where Dresden is famous for its rise from the ashes (literally) after WWII.

Accommodation: Again I stayed in a hotel due to lack of available hostels and ended up staying at the Ibis Budget which was cheap and wheelchair accessible and also allowed dogs!

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Munich is a vibrant city with proud Bavarian culture, Bavarian food and beer.

AccommodationI stayed at the Smart Stay Munich City. Which was ok. There was a lift to take me up to my room which was tiny. I only just fitted in with my bags. Apparently the Menninger hotel/ hostel is more accessible but they didn’t have any rooms. BEWARE if you want to go to Munich anywhere near Octoberfest book well if advance.

Transport: Munich is pretty compact so to get around the city  centre you don’t need public transport. I did catch a bus from the train station to the hostel which had a ramp.  I also caught a train out to Dachau which was also accessible.

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