I was meant to spend 2 whole days in Bath. One catching up with an old friend and another day exploring the old town. However instead of spending my Sunday in Bath it was spent in Dublin airport waiting for my flight, due to an earlier weather cancellation. By the time I got to bath the Sunday was pretty much over.

I flew into Bristol and from Bristol you can get a bus that takes you to Bath. The bus company I used was Air Decker . It is supposed to have an accessible ramp, however because I was having such a great day (sarcasm intended), the ramp didn’t work. The bus driver was also incredibly unhelpful and so some lovely passengers carried me on.

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London is a  very busy city with heaps to do and see. Free access to all museums, good paths with kerb and guttering and the amazing accessible bus system makes it a dream to get around.

Accommodation: I stayed at the home of one of my best friends when I was in London. It was very inaccessible as it required me to crawl up and down the stairs as my friend carried my chair up, but it was worth it as I got to spend extra time with my friend. However,  the Generator Hostel London has an accessible entrance, and also an accessible bathroom in one of their 8 bed and twin share rooms.  Continue reading “London”