Sit Skiing in Austria

I have always wanted to try sit skiing and because I happened to be in Austria in winter I thought why not.

My whole ski trip was organised purely by luck.  Which just illustrates that when you travel, it’s so important to keep an open mind and open plans. A friend I met in Munich managed to get hold of an Austrian para skier who lent me a sit ski and another friend of a friend to be my instructor. My friend in Munich also sent me a box of ski clothes to use.

However if you don’t serendipitously run into someone that can organise gear hire, clothes and instructors below are a couple of links that you can use;

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Fairy tale Salzburg

I had a couple of days to kill between Ljubljana and going skiing in the Austrian Alps so I decided to pay Salzburg a visit. Salzburg is  a beautiful Austrian town made famous for being the place where The Sound of Music was filmed and also where Mozart lived.

Accomodation: I stayed at the A&O Salsburg Hauptbanhof. The hostel was ok (it was only for one night), the only thing that annoyed me was I had to pay extra for sheets. There was lift access to the room but no disabled bathroom. The room however was nice and large. The good thing about it was so close to the train station which was great for me as I arrived by train and departed by train and wasn’t going to be in Salzburg for long.

Transport: Salzburg is really small so no need for any public transport. The longest distance was from the hostel/train station to the old town – about 20 minutes walk/push

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Vienna the Most Accessible city

Vienna was by far one of the most accessible cities I visited. I didn’t really know what to expect from Vienna and it was absolutely beautiful.

Accomodation: I ended up staying at the Wombat City Hostel The Lounge. I was meant to stay at the other Wombat City Hostel The Nashmarkt, which was more in the centre of town to avoid having to  catch public transport, however typical me ended up at the wrong hostel. The room had lift access, however the bathroom wasn’t accessible but it was still nice and large. Unfortunately the laundry and bar were not accessible, however the staff were kind enough to do my laundry for me.

Transport: I was worried that by staying at a  hostel outside of the city and having to use the train that I would struggle.  However I didn’t have to worry because Vienna was the only city I visited where I could use the Trains!!!!!! Pretty much every train station had lift access which was also very well signposted. Each train is also low to the ground so you can get on and off the train even without a ramp. Most of the trams that go around the ring road are also accessible and so are the buses. Continue reading “Vienna the Most Accessible city”