The best travel apps for disabled travellers

There are so many great apps for disabled travellers. Even ‘normal’ apps like facebook can come in extremely handy. As soon as I arrived in London I purchased a sim card with a lot of data that had roaming all throughout Europe. This was the best thing I ever did.

As a disabled person having internet on my phone wherever I went just meant I could feel a little more secure. I could look up accessible locations, accomodation, transport etc on the go and not worry about having to find a McDondalds or hassle people for free wfifi. The sim card i purchased was from the company 3. The plan I bought provided me with 12GB of data but pretty much no actual phone time (which was fine). I had to top it up every month, the only problem was that I needed a UK credit card. So i would just have to msg a friend when I needed so I could use their credit card. This amount of data was more than enough even with me using it 24/7.

The following were the apps I used most commonly were:

  • Hostel World – Although Hostel World doesn’t list accessible hostels, I did use this app to compile a list of hostels in the area I was visiting and then email each hostel individually
  • Citymapper  – City mapper is a great app for working out which public transport to catch and how to get to the nearest bus/train stop.  Although it doesn’t have an accessibility function, if you know the trains are inaccessible in your city you can filter out the trains and only opt for buses.
  • Google maps – I used Googlemaps if I was walking around a city as I found it the most reliable. Google maps also has a public transport option and it will often list whether the bus on the route you’ve decided to travel is accessible or not. Some businesses and restaurants also sometimes list whether they are accessible or not.
  • Skype – Because I had loads of data and not a lot of phone time Skype is great as you can call any business (they don’t have to be on Skype) by using your data.  You just call the business number through the Skype app. To use this function you just have to buy Skype credit which you can buy through the app.
  • Eurail rail planner app  – Available if you have purchased a Eurail pass. This app lets you type in your location and the city or country  you want to travel to and gives you all the possible options. I would then write down all the possible train options and then go to the information stand at the train station of the city I was in and show them which train I wanted to catch.
  • Air BnB  – Air BnB does have an accessible option on their accomodation, it comes up as an icon in the amenities section. However I wouldn’t probably take this as gospel and would email the property owners directly before you book just to see what they mean by wheelchair access.
  • Uber – I find Uber drivers all over the world a lot more friendly and accomodating than taxi drivers. Their app is really easy to use. The other good thing about Uber is that you can choose the type of car which is great if you require a bigger car (eg for a wheelchair)
  • Facebook Messenger – Again because I didn’t have any phone time but lots of data I used Facebook Messenger  to call love ones back home.

I am sure there are a lot more out there so please let me know if there are any phone apps that you find useful and cannot travel without.



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