My travel lust began at a very young age. Encouraged and organised by my mother (the ultimate travel planner) we were very fortunate to go on lots of family holidays.

When I was 18 I had a horse riding accident which left me a incomplete paraplegic. This basically means that I can stand and take a couple of steps while holding onto things but I mainly use a wheelchair in day to day life.

After I had my accident I thought my travelling dreams were over and so focused on my career. After many many years of study and hard work I finally became a veterinarian.While being a vet is still a huge passion of mine, I felt I was becoming slightly jealous of my friends who were solo backpacking around Europe for months on end. I thought I would never be able to achieve this dream because of my disability. However one day I woke up thought ‘dammit’, quit my job and bought my ticket and thus the goal to backpack solo in a wheelchair was born.

I started writing this blog so that I could share things I found useful travelling in a wheelchair, places that I found accessible, places that were not and anything else I learned along the way.I hope that if you are a person with a disability wanting to travel (solo or with friends, backpacking or in hotels) that my story can help and motivate you to do so and prove that travelling is not just limited to the able bodied – anything is possible.

Happy travelling.


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